About Us

LED Applications

Hilux outdoor and indoor luminaires are engineered to capitalize on the incredible efficiency, sustainability and brightness of solid state lighting (SSL) technology for commercial, municipal and institutional applications. Our innovative products offer premium quality, superior visual aesthetics, photometrics and mechanical design which are an ideal source for exceptional lighting performance, impressive energy savings and excellent uniformity to increase visibility and safety.

Designed and manufactured by the most experienced staff in the lighting industry, Hilux’s exterior products currently installed across the globe have excelled in varied climatic conditions ranging from -40º~50ºC (-104º~122ºF), and are backed by a five-year warranty.

Hilux’s goal is to be more than just a LED lighting supplier. We desire to be an integral partner committed to providing truly sustainable lighting solutions to locations throughout the world for future generations to enjoy, while addressing environmental concerns of today.

Advanced LED Solutions

Hilux provides custom product design and manufacturing services to customers looking for expert help to bring their ideas to market while meeting stringent cost, quality and delivery objectives. Hilux can work with your team to design innovative LED lighting systems or LED lighting sub-assemblies. We can also help you modify an existing traditional incandescent or HID lighting fixture to utilize efficient, sustainable LED technology.

Our experience in optimizing the design of printed circuit boards (SMT or through hole), power supplies, LED light engines, thermal management solutions, and optical systems enables Hilux to provide industry-leading service to our clients. If you are interested in integrating LED technology into new or existing products, Hilux is the answer.

Hilux is ready to assist or lead in all phases of your project – from concept development, prototype design and fabrication, validation testing, production design, purchasing, production tooling and ongoing manufacture of LED lighting sub-systems, or full assemblies.

We are a global company, both in terms of customer base and supply chain; Hilux can customize an LED solution tailored specifically to your project’s needs by leveraging our global resources for product development, tooling, manufacturing and logistics.

Core Competencies

  • Optical design, simulation and manufacturing
  • Thermal design and simulation
  • Mechanical design
  • Drive circuit design and component specification
  • Power supply design and integration
  • Subsystem design integration
  • Validation of components, subsystems, and full assemblies
  • Light engine, power supply and luminaire manufacturing